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Replace your Job’s income When You Start Your MCA Career

MCA offers individuals the privilege of selling its services when they sign up for a package of their own.  It doesn’t matter if you sign up for the Total Security Package, or the Total Security Platinum Package, you will be given the right to market and sell these packages on MCA’s behalf.  When you sign up, you will pay your first and last month’s dues and then will be invited to become an authorized MCA agent.

MCA then pays you 100-200% commissions on all the packages you sell and gives you a website to handle the order processing.  You can invite others to experience the same top notch roadside assistance you receive with MCA and get paid for it.  The $80-$90 commissions really do add up and can quickly replace a job’s income.  MCA pays every Friday via direct deposit for last week’s activities, so you never need to worry about waiting for a check.

Don’t have a checking account yet?  Ask your sponsor and he/she will point you in the right direct to get started.


MCA associates are all independent associates who explain the Motor Club of America benefits.  The packages all differ in coverage, so make sure that you familiarize yourself with the subtle differences.  Don’t get overwhelmed, most of this information is covered both in the iPad and Powerpoint presentations that you get for free.  Most of the time, MCA associates will also walk new members through the signup process to make sure that no errors are made.

MCA associates also recruit new MCA associates.  All you need to do is identify other self motivated individuals looking to earn extra money.  Once they see the opportunity, it will sell itself.  Every time you sell a membership, you earn between $80-$90 per sale plus overrides for the membership sold by the MCA associates you recruit.

We would love for you to join MCA as an independent associate.  You can sell our services to those who need the protection, and others who are interested in the business opportunity.  Selling the benefits has been at the core of MCA since 1926.  Once you become an associate make sure that you share it with as many people as possible.


  • Low Start Up Cost (Only $40-$80 to Get Started)
  • No Commute – Work in Your Living Room
  • No Boss
  • 200% Commission Structure
  • On Time Pay via Direct Deposit
  • Training & Tools Provided to Help You Succeed
  • Greater Earning Potential than a JOB


“As a Rep with MCA you will have the Total Security Package and enjoy over $150,000 worth of coverage for only $19.95 a month”

An a MCA associate, you and your family will enjoy the same benefits as the customers of Motor Club of America.

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance – Unlimited Towing, Fuel Delivery, Lock Out Service, Tire Changing and more…
  • Travel Assistance Reimbursement – $500 reimbursement to cover rental car, meals & lodging when your vehicle is disabled.
  • Trip Planning and Travel Reservations – Door to Door Directions & Exclusive Discounts on Lodging & Special Events
  • Arrest Bonds – A $500 Get out of Jail Free Card
  • Bail Bonds – Up to $25,000 Paid to Release You when Arrested for a Moving Violation, Vehicular Manslaughter or Negligent Homicide due to a covered accident.
  • Attorney Fees – Up to $2,000 to cover lawyer’s fees in connection with moving violations, personal damages and property damages.
  • Stolen Vehicle Reward – $5,000 Posted to the Person Who Recovers Your Stolen Vehicle
  • Credit Card Protection – $1,000 Reimbursement for the Misuse of Your Credit Cards
  • Hotel and Rental Card Discounts – Up to 45% off
  • Prescription, Vision, and Dental Discounts – Up to 75% off
  • Emergency Reimbursement Benefits – $500 Benefit Checks Paid to You for Going to the Emergency Room
  • Daily Hospital Benefit – $150 Paid Daily if you are Admitted to the Hospital for a Covered Accident.
  • Accidental Death Benefit – $60,000 Accidental Death Policy Paid to Your Estate by Zurich Insurance of North America
  • Worldwide Travel Assistance Program – Medical Evacuation, Return of Child, Return of remains, and much more


For each new Motor Club of America membership you sell as a MCA associate, you will earn between $80-$90 commission.  For example, if you were to enroll 1 person a day for 5 days, you would earn a total of $410 for the week ($82 x 5 = $410).  If were to enroll 10 people in a week, you would receive $840 in commissions ($84 x 10 – $840).  MCA pays a full 200% commission on all MCA Security & MCA Total Security memberships.  Both the Gold and the Platinum memberships have the same commission structure as the MCA Total Security membership.

Both the Gold & Platinum plans offer additional means of earning residual income through the matrix payments.  You can find out more about that by watching the video on the home page.  Between the 200% commission structure, the Matrix commissions, check matching, and leadership bonuses, a full time income is completely realizable from the comfort of your home.

Choose 1 or all the plans to promote.  This decision is completely up to you.  Take a look at the hypothetical example below to understand the income potential with MCA.

Careers At MCA


Matrix Income

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could earn a steady full time paycheck month after month?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to leverage the work of 7,000 people to make you successful?  That’s exactly what signing up for MCA Total Security Platinum does.

The specifics of the Matrix can be seen in this video (CLICK TO WATCH).

Here’s a hypothetical payout structure when you become a MCA Total Security Platinum member today.  This commission structure is in addition to the regular commission structure (which you also receive).


Starting Your New MCA Career

We suggest that you sign up at the Gold or Platinum levels as this will provide the most income opportunity.  MCA does not charge additional fees for you to be a sales associate.  MCA will provide you with a website to process orders and will provide the benefits on a monthly basis.

MCA firmly believes that one must have the coverage that they are trying to sell.  Since some customers will want to have the Platinum coverage, it only makes sense that you, the sales associate should have the Platinum coverage as well.  On all of its packages, MCA charges the first and the last month’s dues when signing up.  The Fee Schedule is as follows:

  1. Total Security = $39.90 at Sign Up ($19.95/m)
  2. Total Security Gold = $59.98 at Sign Up ($29.99/m)
  3. Total Security Platinum = $79.98 at Sign Up ($39.99/m)

Many companies require their employees to use their service.  For example, Sprint wants its workers to use Sprint phones, and Nike employees wear Nikes.  If you are going to sell MCA, you should consider purchasing the best package you can afford….in simpler words, be a product of the product.

Your sponsor should be in contact with you within 24 hours of you signing up for your membership.  If for any reason they don’t, feel free to contact with your questions and to be pointed in the right direction.  Your MCA profile can be added to your website, and your membership materials are emailed to you immediately.  Your physical membership card and sticker should arrive in the mail within 2 weeks, but your benefits are activated the day you sign up.

Do not sign up with a prepaid card such as a Green Dot, Rush Card, Vanilla Visa or other.  As MCA is a monthly service, the 200% commissions are only possible if MCA has a sense of guarantee that it can collect future payments from the payment source provided.  In order to receive matrix reward income, you MUST have a valid form of payment on file.

MCA requires 2 months of coverage to be paid at checkout.
Cancellation: Feel free to cancel your coverage at anytime without any penalties.

What Happens When You Sign-Up?

  1. You will be re-directed to to sign up to become an associate.
    • If Possible Select “MCA Total Security Platinum” as it Provides the Most Earning Potential
    • If not, Select “MCA Total Security Gold” as it Provides the 2nd Most Earning Potential
    • The “MCA Total Security” Provides Ample Earning Potential but NO Matrix Income
  2. MCA will Automatically Send the Paperwork that Needs to be Completed
  3. After You Sign Up, Your Sponsor Will Contact You for Training
  4. You Will Be Directed to Resources to Build Your MCA Business
  5. You Make a List of 25-50 People You Personally Know and Schedule Phone Calls with Them.  Reach out to your sponsor and ask if they are willing to do 3 way calls with you.
  6. You Start Growing and making Money
Careers At MCA


Disclaimer: Motor Club of America Enterprises Inc. welcomes diversity with regards to ideas, backgrounds and experience. We operate under the principle that each Associate is critical to our success as a whole. Motor Club of America Sales Representatives are Independent Contractors. If you have any questions about this Disclaimer, please feel free to contact us during normal business hours.